• Got these bad boi skate board wheels for my bike can you guess what I m going...

    Got these bad boi skate board wheels for my bike can you guess what I'm going to use them for ??? Diy style

    • crash sliders?

    • Wheel axel sliders?

    • First blooming guess lol axle sliders

    • Stabilisers

    • Training wheels ? Lol diy sliders

    • Sliders

    • Nice! I've got some skate board wheels some where laying around, take some progress / end result pics mate

    • Will do just need to drill and tap my axle bolts now.

    • Oh ? Then bolt the wheels over?

    • Had to be somthing like that lol. Cheers

    • James Llewellyn don't know any way to do it that I can easily remove and replace swap for different ones. Got a pair of new axles so I'll do it on my old set. Decent bolts and a flat washer inside where the bearing would sit. Might even stick bearing in it so it they spin

    • Ye I thought of putting a bearing in but wouldn't be sure if I could tighten it up enough ... mhhmm

    • I love that supermoto things and grom things crossover all the time.

    • James Llewellyn I spouse your be pulling a fair bit on the bolt think I'll just go solid M8 or something. They rock hard so will slide well

    • Shame I've got solid rear sets otherwise they would be going on my pegs too. On my sm I cut them in halve and used a threaded hook to hook it over the centre end of the peg worked so well

    • Nice I just used em as frame sliders. Didn't think to use as peg blocks

    • Did the same on my crf