• Got this ct110 with hi lo healthy motor its 6volt cdi thinking of after market...

    Got this ct110 with hi/lo healthy motor its 6volt cdi thinking of after market performance cdi with new coil but they asking if its ac or dc cdi anyone shed some light in this TAI.

    • I don't think you can get them for 6 volt I know you can get them for 12 volt I've got one at home.

    • Done some research think it not available for 6 volt cdi as they are still using mechanical advance weights for advancing ignition timing, the 12 volt system is 100% electronic

    • Looks really clean. What year?

    • 6volt, 12volt, that's the charging system. The cdi has it's own coil unrelated to the charging system. Look at the schematic for your model.

    • Jeff Sathr But would that mot mean their are 6volt coils & 12volt coils the coils between say a ct90 6volt & ct110 12volt appear to different even in the way they are wired up.

    • Ryan Ledesma its a bits of everything not sure ive restored it powder coated the frame which is actually a ct90 with a late 80s running gear 110 with hi?lo reduction box its now got a pitbike front wheel disc brakes & a ct110 rear wheel i went a bit overboard but ut came up neat & has not let me down so guess its worth it LOL