Gotta locate me some white walls for when I get ready to change tires out


Gotta locate me some white walls for when I get ready to change tires out

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  • Dammit. Will the 100/90-19 fit? That's the closest thing I'm finding for my 00 Spirit front.

  • Mine are Shinko 777. Lasting great

  • White walla front & rear

  • Thank you all

  • White walls

  • I use the Atlas portawalls inexpensive and great company to deal with. Hubby has the shinko ones on his ride and they're a PITA to get white again . Mine are heaps easier. My first lot were a faulty batch and they replaced them free of charge in three days and much happier with the new lot. I have the new rear one on but still have the first front portawall on

  • oh wow thank you looks like a better way to go .i will look into them .need to find a link for our size

  • I got them off eBay here in Australia but they come from. Turkey, Istanbul. Mine cost $114 Aus the set and I'm real impressed with them. I didn't want to have to buy white walls just yet when I was doing up my bike as we had just put new tyres on her

  • I purchased I'm pretty sure from

    Memory a set that was 15" and 17" lol my memory isn't that good but my point is you can get the sets off eBay that have the different sizes for front and back so I'm assuming their main site will do the same . Good luck .

  • Renie Charlton thank you

  • I found this on a shadow site just after we bought the porta walls

  • The portawalls are cheaper option for sure .Cost less for all 4 then for 1 tire

  • If you get porta walls you have to set the bead & then let the air out without releasing the bead & hold them in place while inflating to full pressure

  • That's the ones I really want, the 777. The heavy cruiser is available in the rear but the front is just a touch smaller. 100/85-19 as opposed to 110/85-19

  • The standard 777 is the one that's closest to the front wheel size. I might just have to suck it up and get a wheel to go with it, lol.

  • The 19 dictates them rim size. Thats all that needs to match as long as it'll fit into your fender. Since it's smaller, you'll be fine... It looks like you have a larger than factory tire on there.

  • I really wouldn't doubt it. Guy that had it before me was kinda, well, meh. I'll be nice lol.

  • So putting a 100/90-19 wouldn't affect it? 100 is just the tire height, right? So that shouldn't affect my handling.

  • J&P cycles

  • I will always put white walls on my bikes now