GPS results are in my speedo is 10 out which is quite big


GPS results are in, my speedo is 10% out which is quite big







%d comments
  • What rear tyre do you have?

  • Standard vee rubber 900 miles and a few rolling burnouts on it, standard gearing too

  • What app do u use Leon or isit just the standard GPS app

  • has a plug-and-play speedometer corrector so you can adjust for whatever setup you have.

  • I normally use speedview on my Note 3 but this time i used digihud, app does not really matter

  • What gear ratio would you need for spot on accuracy, and could a 183 pull it?

  • Bigger rear wheel or front sprocket or smaller rear sprocket which would increase engine load, decrease acceleration and not worth doing unless you up the CC

  • Fair play mate do you just keep ya phone in ya pocket?

  • Strapped to handle bars so strong GPS signal i was suppose to video it but my drift ghost s was dead

  • Fair play mate didn't know if u could just have it in ya pocket... But then u wouldn't see the speed I suppose lol