Graham Waters shared a link to the group: Honda Forza 125 Club UK.


Check your VIN number here to see if you are affected by the recent Honda recall on some Forza 125 Scooters

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  • "Nss125 water entry into wire harness coupler " ? c'est grave?

  • Mine ok too. No updates or recalls

  • Thank you for the link. Mines affected too, so I guess I'll wait for a letter from the dealer.

  • Mines affected I called dealer being fixed Friday only a 4 hour job

  • 4 hours....I was told at least 6 !

  • Knowing Maidstone dealers there 4 hours turn into a 8 hour job

  • Vin above 007600 not affected or haven't got to them yet? Thanks for the link

  • Mine clear so far.

  • That's same as mine, getting mine fixed on Friday

  • Which dealer is it Robert, I may give them a try.

  • maidstone honda

  • Robert Turner are you happy with them so far ?

  • had a few problems due to my first service cost me £99 but that was also due to i wanted them to check over the bike after someone slammed into the back of me, their hourly rate is £66, but i wont be paying for them to fix this problem as i will refuse to pay it

  • if it's a recall it will be foc

  • How did it go Friday Robert ?

  • Didn't have it done in end up had an emergency so will rebook it in

  • Rappel Honda reçu !

  • c'est pas un rappel... c'est ta lettre de bienvenue pour l'achat du scoot ça , non?

  • not mine

  • Where would I find the VN number?

  • On log book Sharon Ross