Great service from Honda of Bournemouth again parts ordered last wednesday...


Great service from Honda of Bournemouth again, parts ordered last wednesday, delivered today! :) (Y)

Got a full set of clutch friction plates, crank case gasket and oil spinner gasket for my MSX and a new throttle body for my Zoomer.

Enough to keep me busy after work for the next few days, lol.

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  • Why a new clutch mate?

  • My clutch is on it's last legs.

    It only engages at the very end of its travel, and its not very progressive. Makes filtering and pulling away from a standstill very difficult. Slips for ages then finally bites.

    23.5K miles isn't too bad going. I never expected to get that many miles from it to be honest.

    I'll take some photos of the clutch plates when I pull it apart.

  • Really mine is completely fine 18k miles on and that's with the odd wheelie strange how it wore that quick

  • Yeah, it is strange. It's been fine up to about a week ago, then it went bad all of a sudden.

  • Damn Steve are you doing rolling burnouts on the way to work ;) how much did you pay for the plates may I ask?

  • Lol, no burnouts, just plenty of riding in traffic and lots of shifting. The parts came to just over £81 in total.

  • 3x 22201-KPG-T00 (DISK, CLUTCH FRICTION) £19.98

    2x 22205-KPG-T00 (DISK B, CLUTCH FRICTION) £13.32

    4x 22321-KE8-000 (PLATE, CLUTCH) £26.36

    1x 11394-KYZ-900 (GASKET, R. CRANKCASE COVER) £4.80

    1x 15439-K26-901 (GASKET, OIL FILTER COVER) £3.74

    VAT £13.64

    Delivery Postage & Packing (STANDARD) £0.00

    Total: £81.84