• How do you like the front turn signals? I've been thinking about getting them.

  • Love them, amazing build quality perfect fit and the running lights are brighter than the headlight well worth the money IMO.

  • Thanks.

  • Now I'm in the market for a new bike after striple kill.. I keep telling myself I can't live with a grom as an only bike.. but you keep posting pictures like this and making me question that thought.

  • Haha 17k miles and I still love it, I know you love speed however the grom is hilarious to ride slow I was literally just spend a hour or so doing a 1 and a bit mile portion of road just for a laugh started going 40 through it and by the end I was pinned the whole way at about 65 feeling like I was doing 100 :')

  • plus lots and lots of mods but you know all that, you got any photos of the street triple after the crash?

  • That's the only picture I have, the frames fucked and so is the engine the radiator has pushed right back into the engine and shoved it right back. I'll definitely have to give a Grom a proper test ride when I can walk again. I've already got a list of mods I'd want to do if I got a Grom, I've got way too much spare time atm

  • That must have hurt man yeah you must have loads of time off work after that, how I'm going to do it next year keeping the from for commuting and fun rides and a cheap fun big bike that I can take trips with

  • Poor parking. ;)

  • At least it wasn't in westminster again :p

  • That's the perfect way to do it. I was toying with the idea of getting a grom when I had striple but now I've got to pay out for another big bike. I'm thinking getting another drz for now, I can do my full license now so when that's done I want a s1000rr then maybe a little grom will come along. What bikes you looking at when you can ride unrestricted?

  • You exchanged the stock tyres for Michelin?

  • Yeah changed them ASAP on my second mitchelin rear now