• GromsOfNewYork some of us yanks have the magic too

    #GromsOfNewYork some of us yanks have the magic too ✌

    • Damn nice !

    • Don't mind the temp, the cluster recorded a glitch lol

    • Nuclear powered I see

    • Whenever I hit my kill switch with the ignition on my temp gauge jumps straight to 365 too

    • Yeah it's weird lol

    • I believe that it's a true (speed corrected) 80mph too. Nicely done.

    • 4th and neutral at the same time that's cool ha ha

    • ^you must not know much about the Koso cluster

    • This particular screen shows all the highest recorded values the bike has seen...the neutral was the gear I was currently in.

    • Thanks! And yes it's very accurate info