Guess I need an easy out on the caliper one Allen is stripped an d both froze...

Guess I need an easy out on the caliper one Allen is stripped an d both froze up ,pics later

  • Worth a shot an d the threads are soaking on blaster thanks man I'll try it

  • No problem, hope it works out, like o said it's hit and miss with the little tricks lol

  • Oh yeah

  • Any luck earlier?

  • Riding her to work in morning gonna do it there more access to tools,gotta ride coming sat I want it right, if at all possible

  • Been riding without using it,but I like the option

  • Much safer

  • I haven't ridden with front brakes in two months lol, well on the 04, the 86 has them

  • Those front caliper Allen's kept me for riding too for part of the summer. I used an Allen socket to take one out after some lubrication. The other one had to be machined out. I had a tough time finding original ones for the right price, but I did it. The flat head cover I found it pretty cheap on eBay.

  • Yeah I just tap em a lil at stops afraid I will wear out the back tho eventually

  • I knew someone had to have this problem,only 7000 miles on mine I put bout 2000 on her,those Allen's have been fooled with idk why with so few miles,of course my crackhead cousin found it in the barn took it all apart I saved it from him fuckin crackhead

  • I bought my Rebel used over a year and a half from some dude and it seems he overcompensated by installing everything with electrical drivers (not always tighter is better). He also painted the caliper and kind of made it sticky.

  • Yeah tighter is not better on a honda agreed