Guess the Grom and the car are going to be very clean soon


Guess the Grom and the car are going to be very clean soon

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  • looking that way

  • Fancy doing mine aswell aha. Mines filthy as you see from Monday! Got some family trouble going on atm so I'll let you know soon about rose joint

  • Sweet mate anytime I'm home all day today if you wanna pop by after work and I'll fit it for you

  • You been on detailing world? :) i try avoid that forum as it makes me want to spend money. I have fusso coat 12 (black tin) , awesome stuff. I hope you ain't going to use endurance tyre gel on the Grom tyres hehe, my go to lsp at moment is carpro reload or sonax extreme bsd. Quick easy and effective

  • Been on there a few times but mainly just detailing addicts on Facebook aha, yeah fusso is amazing been testing it on my bathroom tiles :')

  • Tudors really Polish. Wash your Grom 5 pounds. If you want he will do your Grom inside and out for 8 pounds

  • I was actually wondering if you are careful with the tyre gel it could be done but imma avoid it anywya

  • Im a bit of a detailer aswell personally i am a fan of the carpro polishes and autobrite direct protectants takes along time to do it properly but worth it in the end

  • aha the local scratch and wash :')

  • Yeah with a trolly

  • Just watch that tyre gel. Did that before on the bike and got a nice sideways arse out cause I hit a bit section where the chicken strip used to be lol

    #shitmypants lol

  • Yeah will probably avoid putting it on the bike did it on the car and it looks awesome plus it smells amazing :)

  • Yea almost drinkable lol