Guys bike has been stolen from my work in liverpool west derby dominos pizza...


Guys bike has been stolen from my work in liverpool west derby dominos pizza can you please keep an eye out for it as its my pride and joy please share around the liverpool area and make it to hot to handle and get the people found pleease

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  • There's no such thing as too hot to handle. They don't care if people know they're on stolen/off road bikes.

    I'd start with a few cars full of mates driving round the local estates every night for the next week.

  • I would but dont know the area that well mate

  • Yeh, well there was someone elses bike on here who got Stolen and 6 months later his Parts were sold on eBay and the seller got Positive feedback for them.

    He had his name engraved in the Engine which was same one as on eBay.

    Managed to get his address but Police wouldnt do anything.

  • Do you know how it was stolen? If its some your kidz then they will be out on it probably riding it in the evenings accross fields or parks.

  • Emanuel Barb not sure lock was cut but had alarmed disclock on but didnt go off so i think its gone in the back of avan mate

  • fark, that is the lowest of low acts and lower than low because tis a mans grom - thats is bullshit hey

  • The plans i had for it aswel now gotta go back to square one yay

  • Any distinguishing features to look out for.? Any personalised parts.? Thieving badtards.

  • I'm a Dominoid too

  • Just extension kit on the back really mate

  • Cunts

  • That person is me

  • I know its you cause Im still talking with the eBay guy. Im trying to get hold of his Phone number.

    I asked him for some Boomerangs and he is sellin em extremelly cheap. Im not buying em anyway