Guys Does anyone know how heavy a 900 engine is


Guys, Does anyone know how heavy a 900 engine is ????

My birthday soon and when the wife asked what i wanted i said an engine stand. I was thinking of getting and modifying a car engine stand but have found what appears to be an ideal one on ebay but the weight limit is 75kg

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  • if i remember correctly from the manual, close to 100kgs, so looking at the replies above, that's always about 20 more than the stand you're looking at

  • Thanks Guys. Shan't bother with the stand i am looking at then lol

  • I think about 100kilos.

  • 225 more or less

  • 75Kg is a very low weight limit for an engine stand, might be worth a double check ... I got something like this for not a lot ... Y-DUTY-SWIVEL-TRANSMISSION-GEARBOX-ENGINE-SUPPORT- STAND-/232028922303?hash=item36060061bf:g:NMMAAOSw ZVlXmNcr

  • I was looking at this type then modifying it Max. Think i'll get one

  • Sonicrete on has described a very simple bolt on to allow these to hold a CB engine. Basically uses a couple of bits of drilled angle iron to pick up the rear engine mounts, if I remember correctly.

  • I got a mount made to attach to one like this, and then found Sonicrete's approach ...

  • That looks brill Max. I could make that

  • The problems that were pointed out to me were that you can't do the clutch and other side mounted parts (which isn't actually that big a deal for me) ...

  • Clutch can be done when it's back in the bike. I want something like it mainly for building up the cases and barrels etc

  • That was my thoughts.

  • Have saved the picture to my desktop. Will make one later. Having an op on elbow thursday so won't be doing anything for at least a month

  • Let me know if you need any more.

  • measurements would be good lol

  • Will do some at the weekend

  • Thaks mate

  • This is what I worked from ...

  • That will do mate thanks lol

  • Just don't work to the nearest millimeter ...

  • Hi Steve although I can't say if anything made in China is the same most lifting devices are tested to double the weight limit they are sold with as max , I only know this as a friend used to run a tail lift repair service and he told me this was the case , so for occasional use I would think it wouldn't be a prob

  • that is called the safety factor. it exists in every type of machine, and it varies depending on application. Aeronautics usually use a lower safety factor (due to weight), and buildings are higher. The thing is, that is what the device will withstand on a single occasion, but then you have to account for wear and tear and if you constantly use something above it's recommended limit, it's going to break sooner than later. Theoretically you can use that stand for a 100kg motor, a few times, but if you do it on a regular basis, it's not going to work out for you

  • Yes that's what I'm thinking if only for few times not big issue no good for constant use

  • Check on eBay Steve , there was a chap selling engine stands for a CB 900 , I paid about £40.00

  • I will send you a photo mate , it's a very simple piece of equipment

  • Here my solution for heavy engines.

  • Pretty old skool heavy. I took some old Harbor Freight engine stand I had and modified them to hold several different types & brands of moto engines. I fabbed up specific engine mounts for the particular engine that I pinned to the head plate on the stand. Works great.