Guys I have a 2002 honda rancher es What would cause the display not show my...

Guys I have a 2002 honda rancher es. What would cause the display not show my gear position? Thanks

  • Yeah but it's not meant for constant shifting its a backup. Heard it won't hold up.

  • My buddy has a foreman he done that way been riding it for the past 3 years with no problems at all

  • It'll be alittle tuff to shift if u don't pull of the shift motor but not to hard at all

  • Nice. I might do that to mine.

  • It's only on the 420 that's a pita

  • I have the same problem on my 08 rancher 420 es anyone no what it could be

  • If I were to have a fault. Would there be a code to flash. If there was where would it flash or show at.

  • No, your machine doesn't do the self diagnostics. I would recheck the fuses with a volt meter or test light. If they still test good move on to all the connectors. Checking them for moisture or corrosion. Then you need to start testing the components and wire harness. Most likely it is something simple but you never know until you start testing stuff.

  • Have you ever heard of the indicator going blank. Still showing the mile per hour but not telling what gear your in.

  • This is what it's showing. It shifts now but still not showing what gear it's in.