Guys I want to purchase a stunt cage but pretty much all america dark knight...


Guys! I want to purchase a stunt cage - but pretty much all america- dark knight is good but shipping is about 100 lol any english companies good price?

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  • That cage is awesome, very well constructed, who makes it, Vandal?

  • Got it from Ben Jewell dave coppock. Not sure who made it but it's top quality

  • Do you have a price and website mate

  • Was 275 no website mate they had 10 custom made he's got one left message Ben

  • Cheers

  • I remember a while back that some guy was talking with kevtek about producing kevtek spec cages in the U.K. Last I heard he was starting to make a few sets to be evaluated by kevtek.

  • ^^^ Dan Markinson??

  • Don't remember a name, just remember that U.K. production of kevtek is/was in the procress of happening.

  • Yeah it was Dan.

  • Kevtrk isn't cheap though is it ?

  • Sort of depends on if you get done by the tax man

  • Just had a look from when I messaged kevtek the cage was 250 dollars with 150 dollars postage

  • Thought a full kevtek setup was like £600....

  • 250 for the engine cage 250 for the sub cage

  • But if the tax man gets you there will be how ever much on top

  • Yeah so $750 total so £580 plus you will get hit about £60ish for the tax so say roughly £640...