Guys running Power Pures what pressures you running Been too long since I...


Guys running Power Pures..what pressures you running. Been too long since I checked mine.

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  • 29 psi front and rear feels good to me.

  • 24 front 28 rear *26 rear edit

  • 29/29 personally

  • 2bar front 2.5var back.. like all motorcycles..

  • 29 is good i run 30 both and love it

  • 24 on both. On way they have some feel

  • How do you find the power pures ?

  • i prefer city grips to power pure the powers are great on dry where as city grips are all rounders

  • I'm a fair weather rider. My bike only comes out as a toy and not used for commuting. That's why I went for the pures. They give you so much confidence in the dry but cannot comment on what they are like in the wet. Build up heat really quickly.

  • Andrew Campbell same situation as me really. Had a set of power pures on an aerox100 and they were awesome.

  • I've seen his lean angles, he gives that bike some stick like!

  • I need a complimentary Twed pic of these lean angles :-)

  • I'll see what I've got! Haha