Had gd laugh day has been gd


Had gd laugh day has been gd

Well iv done 224 since I left my house this morning an still gt another 80 bedore im home lol

Oh n if any gt any videos of my wheelies let me no

Ps the monster grom

%d comments
  • Wonder if anyone got your crash lol

  • No i dont think so haha

  • Haha Steve you crashed

  • Yeah

    But u can laugh hows ya clutch nipper lol

  • Just the one off today...??? Or are we counting crashes per event too...!!!??? Hope you were ok though...!!!

  • Yeah i was fine lol just being a prat basicly n it bit me in the ass all gd fun n games n bike came out really well

  • Gutted I couldn't come

  • awesome day and i can feel my arse still

  • How's your pipe lol

  • Two offs today lol

  • Two I think, Steven around a round about and someone else done a stoppie that went wrong.

  • Tudor Toma ears are ringing swapping over it as i speak

  • I've seen a gone wrong stoppie this week already...!!! Pmsl Karl Waldron...!!!

  • If you do get Grom Botty you need my miracle cure Dale Clifton...!!!

  • did it snap at the weld?

  • Tudor Toma yepp clean in 2 the welds have not penetrated deep enough. its like its only barely surface welded

  • i cant emphasize how bad my ears are it feels like i've been on a plane with my head behind the engine. sorry to all the towns trying to get a quite night in

  • Yeah it's good in a garage

  • I'm good standard seat anint all that bad

  • I've got used to mine too... Nearly 15k on a Grom in well under two years ain't bad...!!!

  • Take your seat strap off if you haven't already...!!!

  • Also take off the little brackets under the seat... It's easier to take off and put on...!!!

  • Mark Warren got 3 seats with the bike the custom leather one 2 standards 1 with a strap the other without running the without

  • You lucky bugger... Lol