Harry Honda at Mt Glorious today didn t I get some flack for daring to park...

'Harry Honda' at Mt Glorious today - didn't I get some flack for daring to park 'Harry' near 'real' bikes!!!!! :) :) :)

  • good on ya Will, make Harrys presence known :P

  • Haters gon hate, fark them

  • Funnily its the only honda that a harley rider on a 'real bike' tips his hat to. You'l never get through to the ninja 300 sheep

  • My experience as well Brendan.

  • Cool.

    Who wants do a postie run up to glorious ? Then past them real bikes in the tight corners

  • Go hard buddy... never give up.)))

  • wow, I love parking in the middle of a bunch of tractors (harleys) and get people coming over and checking out my postie

  • I thought i was the om\nly one that happened to :P

  • They see you rollin

  • The 'big bike' boys criticize we 'posties' for having small bikes, however I find that with the strict enforcement of the speed limits and the noise 'police', who needs a big, expensive bike when the 'Postie' will do 80km (sometimes a bit more with a tail wind). The main advantage is that I have been pulled over only once and never been harassed by the police. It's like I'm invisible. The one time I was pulled over was when I was taking 'Harry Honda' for a test ride and it was a case of stopping when the lights changed red or power on through (the brakes were a bit dicky). I chose the latter. A 'Q' car was behind me. I explained the situation and the cop let me off with a warning. I thought that it was decent of him.

  • My beast cruises on 90 nd gets past that often. Some how my bikes a freak.

  • This morning I discovered why 'Harry Honda' struggles over 80kph, I weighed myself and I'm 107kg. The word for the year is DIET!!!

  • Don't diet, give Harry a little more grunt

  • Computer says 'No'!

  • Will, Im just on 107 kegs and Ted goes bloody good, 16 tooth front pod filter and pitty exhaust with a .85 main jet, sits on 80 to 85 easy, all day every day :P