• Harry Osborne shared Superbike Hooligans's video to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.

    Don't touch a mans msx or you get shot in the spine

    • Shame this isnt legal in every country including the UK!.. id go and finish him off while he couldnt run!.. thieving scum

    • Fucking cunts, I would shoot till magazine ends.

    • Yes he's a thieving scumbag, but does that justify murder?

    • could have easily immobilised him with a beanbag shot gun or a tazer. Shooting people with live rounds will always be murder in my book. no matter what they've done.

    • Glad I'm not reading your book then...

    • Yes!

    • I have 12ga beanbags and zip ties. I want them alive. Might be a little beat up when cops arrive.

    • Zoomer X not an MSX. Sorry to be that guy lol.

    • Your a penis

    • Zoomer lol might have just collected the insurance.

    • Harry Osborne *you're :)

    • Joe ffs I'll be under your bed tonight

    • Pahhaa!

    • This is getting very philosophical here Jack Dempsey Osborne

    • Orla who Carrys a bean bag gun tho

    • Harry Osborne who the Fuck is carrying a pistol?!??!

    • Might be legal there orla?

      For all he knows he might've had a gun too, what's a bean bag gun gonna do against a real gun?

      Shooting in the foot could've stopped him and you could've tortured him till the police arrive sounds better

    • He's shirtless so he's likely just come out his house not exactly hard to load with rubber slugs or a bean bag shotgun. Both of which can break a bone. So can easily immobilized someone.

    • This all could have been easily prevented if the thief wasn't a thief trying to steal a man's property. And one shot is not murder if he unloaded the mag into him it would be a different story