Has anybody put the exhaust and programmer on a 14 rancher

Has anybody put the exhaust and programmer on a 14 rancher

  • Yea I know Jessie. lol No I didn't at all Jason if you want power spend half the money and buy a gear reduction. And the back of the bike is chained thru I d-ring in the hitch and the winch is hooked and pulled in until tight

  • Only reason I have an exhaust is becasue i financed it with my bike.

  • Mine will soon have a magnaflow exhaust on it

  • Yeah that's what i meant if once u pulled the winch tight if it stays locked in that spot or is there like a manual lock that keeps it from letting slack out. And magnaflow? For atv's

  • Just keep winch engaged. And it's not for an Atv... Yet..... Once I get done it will be!

  • Lmao

  • Jason add me as a friend and I'll tag you in a video with my exhaust. Mine is the HMF swamp series so it's kinda quiet

  • I didn't want it to loud. I like my midnight black ops rides. I just need more ass. My bike struggles

  • I'm coming to the conclusion that a gear reduction is the way to go. It will just have to wait til warranty runs out

  • Screw the warranty it don't cover shit. And they won't know anyway. I did a complete motor rebuild and gr on my bike and they had no clue