Has anyone built a vlx600 motor chasing some more power shortly


Has anyone built a vlx600 motor chasing some more power shortly

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  • Eh? They are what they are. Dumping money into that motor when a 750 or 1100 could be bought by selling the vlx and using the money you would have used to try to hotrod that little mill would be a more economical way to go. You can't bore them because of the water jacket, and high-compression pistons etc add into the equation I just mentioned above. Intake/exhaust/jetting/timing mod is about as far as I went with a vlx. It's a great bike for one rider or OCCASIONALLY a long ride. Maybe try retrofitting a dual carb setup if it's a post '99. Check out Tijuana Tommy Stiles @ jtbrutalcustoms.com for jet/exhaust/intake mods. He is a real guru when it comes to the 600 and 750.

  • If you want more power get a bigger bike. That's not really a bike you get to build power. You'd end up dumping a lot of money into it and not getting much out of it.

  • Yeah it's got dual carbs already. Not after bulk power

  • You will not get more power out of the vlx600 engine without one-off, custom made (that is code for uber expensive) parts....and then at best, you'll get maybe another 5 or 6 HP for the literally thousands you will have to spend...these motors are made to last forever...not to go fast. But, if you're determined, you can have the head ported and polished for about a thousand....Wiseco will make you a higher compression pistons...for about 300 dollars. you can find a specialist cam grinder that will make you a custom cam profile and then regrind your cam..perhaps for as little as 2,000 dollars...and when you're done, you'll have a engine that can't use OEM parts and you will have gained no more than 15% HP gain. You only start with, I think 34 HP..so thats a gain of 5 HP. Thats a hell of a project, but not for anyone that has any reasonable budget.....the VT line of engines from Honda are not hotrods and cannot be made to be hotrods unless you have Jay Leno's garage and money. Sorry for the bad news....but on the good side....take care of that VLX600 and you'll still be riding it when you're 116.

  • I've only just gotten the bike so I Havnt really looked into it to much. It's still a cool cruiser so I'm not overly fussed I might just fab up a cool set of pipes and deal with it

  • IF you just got it, then just ride it and enjoy the breeze. Tips for owning a VLX/VT engine based bike...dont bang on the rev limiter unless you enjoy tearing the engine down and replacing cam chains and tensioners. Be fairly rigid on maintenance schedules for all fluids and adjustments. Use seafoam regularly to keep those carbs clean. Put your helmet on, your nose up into the wind and ride! Enjoy!

  • 4 degree timing advance and sprocket change wake up the 600 and make it a better all around bike. Highway cruising is more comfortable.

  • Thanks for reminding me I gotta pick up another can of seafoam. 02 vlx600 64,000 miles.....

  • really likes that look