Has anyone done or know if it s possible to make both lights operate in dipped...

Has anyone done , or know if it's possible, to make both lights operate in dipped mode?

Does this also alter insurance as it would be classed as a modification?

I understand Honda purposely made only one side dipped for safety reasons (they say oncoming traffic my think you are a car in the distance). Plenty of bikes out there tho with twin dipped lights. So my thoughts are more lights = more visibility of us to other road users.

  • Interesting

  • Like to know the answer to this as well and add to this also make both operate in main beam?

  • The moulded lens pattern of the reflector seems different on each side. So I presume a complete new unit would be required from another model?

  • No, is not posible with original Lights. Most with dual Headlight have just a Dimmer for the High Beam and this is not legal, because the second Reflector is not a dipped reflector. Other Problem is the Distance between the Lights, to small for a Twin Light. But don't worry, due to the clear glas screen it is posible to instal two High-Low-Beam lights from Shin Yo, model 223-390. I started a Project, but have at the moment not enough time to proceed. Main Problem ist to mount the Lights in the original Housing.

    If you are interested, I can send you some pics about my trials an misses.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    Sounds like a lot of alterations are required.

    I was hoping for a retro fit kit that was readily available.

    My thoughts were that a pair of reflectors and dual light holders with harnesses could replace the existing.

    Think I'll just leave as is, perhaps just upgrade bulbs.

  • Yamaha fazers were able to be adapted as were Ducati's. The yamaha used a pice of wire, soldered between the rear of the bulbs!

  • Trouble with running both is the draw from an already low capacity battery. Factor in brake lights, indicators etc and you command 14.8 amps.

    Best fix is upgrade to hid. 15 min job per side.

    800k kits available on ebay with 35w ballast for under £25

  • That is exactly that is not allowed. A Dimmer for The High Beam Bulb.