Has anyone ever put a 1100 motor in a 750 ace or vlx 600 frame

Has anyone ever put a 1100 motor in a 750 ace or vlx 600 frame?

  • Have never seen it done. I doubt you could get it done without a lot of custom fabrication and frame modification. Thus... BIG $$$.

  • You do that you.might as well buy a new bike for that $$$

  • What all has to be done?

  • Vinnie. that takes all the fun out of saying you tried it.

  • Need a vlx 600 gas tank anyone have one

  • I am interested to know the result..

    Cuz I was thinking the same with my 2012 750 Aero.

  • I've seen a Harley 883 motor in a VLX600....yup...BIG $$$$

  • It's not worth the effort. An 1100 isn't that much more money.

  • Yeh

  • Really how much

  • No longer on moblie, so let me give you a longer explanation on why this is probably not a financially feasible idea.

    So, lets say you get all the electrical sorted out and know how to splice it together the harnesses, and what components you need to take from the 1100 and where to fit them, along with replacement cables from the bars (clutch, choke), etc. so they're of the right length, etc.

    - Frame mounting points will be completely different, those will need to get relocated.

    - will the frame need to be cut and rewelded to make room for the bigger motor? ... will it handle the additional weight and stress from more power?

    - the controls, (clutch, brake, etc.) will be in different positions, need to cut and reweld footpeg mounts and create adapters for rear brake.

    - radiator - is the 600/750 too small too cool the 1100?, the 1100 most likely will not fit, need frame modification.

    - The carbs are in the center of the engine on the 1100, and the airbox under the seat, this will not fly on the 600... need to custom fab ducting and aribox

    - the 1100 is shaft drive, this creates a whole plethora of problems of changing out the swingarm on the 600 frame, or adapting the 1100 to be chain drive... then you'll still have a very big alignment problem of aligning the engine and the sprocket, or modifying the frame to fit the 1100 swing arm, which will probably require cutting out the 1100 frame swingarm mount, and custom fabricating it to the 600 frame.

    This is just off the top of my head... so as you can see... the amount of issues this creates... it's just not really worth the effort.

  • i say if you got another bike to ride try it, and see what happens. if one of these bikes can be fixed to ride go that way. I'm the type guy who does what people say can't be done

  • Seems possible to me

  • Why? An 1100 sells for about the same price used as a 750. All you'd have is a bike registered as 750 with 1100 motor..but cheaper on insurance. .if i was going to do something like that. .I'd use or build a custom frame