Has anyone ever put portals on a 420 rancher. PFA


Has anyone ever put portals on a 420 rancher? PFA

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  • Why run portals.?

  • Cause I like to be different

  • I understand that.

    I just can't understand why. It make it just as wide as if u was to put a 6" lift on it.. and it will cost more money..

  • I have IRS that's the only reason it's tempting but funds on running tight

  • Jessie Cartlidge or Jason Bell can probably answer all your questions

  • Roger that.. anything like that will be custom. Portals or 6" lift.

  • Whitney LaGars gotcha how much does 6" cost if I already have IRS?

  • And 3" stretch

  • 3600-3800. $

  • Hot dam

  • Now my quote don't seem that bad got to get some ball joint plates

  • to do pordals on a honda takes custom axels with diffrent outter cups and custom arms to be made to go to the backing plates if the pordals

  • .

  • Jason Bell

  • Do u know where the emergency shifter is on the engine

  • I have a footshift model man

  • Front of the motor.

  • Jessie Cartlidge thanks I got the electric shift an it went to shit the 3 month I had it in 2014 an still dealing with the bs till now

  • Yea es is junk

  • Get rid of the ES I bought a 99es foreman biggest mistake I ever made I got rid of it asap

  • Unless you got about 10k to drop in just suspension work alone you're better off buying a big lift. Lol

  • Jessie Cartlidge has done portals

  • Portals keeps your joints from getting at such a terrible angle. Keeping boots from melting and Axle from breaking bad bad

  • i've looked into it for my 2014 420 straight axle. have to have a way to support the portals to the swing arm, and have a machine shop make the end of the rear axle match up to the gears inside the portals. on the front end you need axles that fit in the front diff, but same as the rear. need the outter parts of the axle to match the gears inside the portals.

    i've gotten a few quotes and the cheapest one is a little over 5k. i may do it when i get back from my next hitch in trinidad

  • Probably make the pioneer 1000 portals work easier than Polaris portas.

  • True true

  • Dustin Richardson on a honda they dont drive fast enuf to melt boots and my old 450 with 4 years on axels running 38degrees never blew a cv just sayen

  • What's up with the rincon in the back Anthony Carter

  • Blown way the funk up

  • getting big bore kit

  • Ill have me another one some day

  • I'm not talking about hondas. Just bikes in general