Has anyone fitted the Oxford heated grips to there scooter


Has anyone fitted the Oxford heated grips to there scooter?

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  • How did they mount the control unit please?

  • Double sided sticky pad. Though in saying that my control panel fell off last week. Its now held on with elastic bands - looks really classy - not :-). I've just ordered some 3M double sided sticky pads which are supposed to be the best - or so I'm told.

  • Honda ones are nice and I like the switch, however they do not get no where near as hot as the cheaper alternatives. I have not run them on any other setting than five from new and at this time of the year I still end up with frozen fingers. I'm not sure if it is my set or all of them same. It could be that they run at reduced power to preserve battery.

  • I wondered if they can be fixed to the blanked of bit on the bars where they can be operated more easily , just wondered if anyone had done that. Not good sticking them on. I'm talking about the sports type model

  • Thanks ,yes other bikers have also said that the Oxford ones are hotter

  • Sod heated gloves militry spec over mits for the win haha

  • I have. If you watch my video clip you can see where the dealer placed them.


  • Thanks David , I think that's how they will have to be fitted , I shall go for the press button flat sports version

  • Also getting a blue one

  • I have the Honda ones with Tucano Urbano mitts with the heat setting on 2 or 3. Plenty warm with summer gloves on.

  • I find the Oxford Grips take quite a while to get up to temperature compared to the ones I had on my previous bike - I just can't remember what make they were. (It's an age thing.)

  • Evgenij Lichogrud, do i recall you wrote instructions for the heated grips? I wasn't given any by my dealer and I still haven't sussed how they work!

  • If you have heated grips you shouldn't have to have those hideous mitts to.

  • The hideous mitts are an evil necessity in order to keep out the wind chill.

  • I got them fitted as a freebie when I bought the scooter and they are nice and hot

  • Rode 75 miles from Bedford to Sports Bike Shop in Boston, Lincolnshire and my hands were lovely and warm... If only the rest of me was as toasty...

  • I have never liked them and never will. Sorry not my thing.

  • Are you talking about Honda ones Eric?

  • I have the Honda heated grips and they are real toasty !!!

  • No,they are the Oxford ones

  • Maybe mine are duff ones as they aren't that hot. In theory on the highest setting it shouldn't be possible to hold on to them with bare hands. Mine I can.

  • Evgenij Lichogrud Are you sure, if they are that hot, would they not burn your gloves ?

  • Paul, I've done a test yesterday, I had them on on my way to work at around 7:20am and didn't bother to turning them on coming back home at around 8:00pm. Result was equal. My hands were just as warm or cold depending which way you look at it.

  • Evgenij Lichogrud Are you putting them on setting 5

  • yes

  • I have just tried to measure the temp of mine with a multimeter but i cannot get the gauge to work even though the grips do, i will have another go after lunch.

  • Ok, thank you.

  • ps I do not actually own a multimeter.

  • Evgenij Lichogrud I am surprised all the electrical work you do.

  • Paul, I only do very basic straightforward stuff nothing complex. TBH I haven't got a clue how those things work and what all those squiggly symbols - numbers mean, apart from voltage of cause. Lol.

  • Evgenij Lichogrud There not difficult to use, i bought one to see if it was my battery or my alternator on my MG-ZT, i just span the dial around until i got what i thought was a voltage reading. Battery in the end, so it was useful, cheaper than a trip to the dealer.