Has anyone found their brakes to become a little less powerful after a 3 months

Has anyone found their brakes to become a little less powerful after a 3 months? I can't figure out if I'm being a nugget, or they just aren't as good. I definitely haven't greased the pads with copper grease for 10hp increase. That only works on Corsa's.

  • Mine have progressively got worse over the 3 years. Finally changed my rear calliper yesterday as my original one was constantly sticking

  • Yes more like 5 months though

  • I noticed mine were crap from day one

  • Thinking about it, I got my bike at the start of November, so about the same time. What sort of mileage have you got on your bike? Mines about 1500.

  • I could knock out a decent rear tyre queef a bit ago, stoppies were easier too.

  • I got 2 msx's with standard front breakers and both are quite different in terms of feel.

  • I'd say try bleeding them fresh fluid and clean out the pistons?

  • Iv got nearly 3k on mine now there so spongey gonna get braided lines soon see if that helps

  • I gotta slam my back breaks in order to slow down... I heard braided lines increase braking response though

  • I'm still one finger braking with the front, but they were much grabbier when new. Ima try some tips I've learned from pushbike hydraulic brakes.

  • As in break the caliper down and give it a good going over? I can't imagine they'd be that clatted up after 5 months of commuting? Worth a turn though! The lever feel is basically the same, I think I may have glazed the pads over from stopping like a plum so frequently.

  • Ye I'd litterally get the calipers off and clean them up, you may be able to see the pads to if they are glazed, whip them out file them down and bang em back on

  • Aye. Sounds like a plan, Stan.

  • All the salt on the winter roads makes the alloy corrode and the pistons stick and the body doesn't slide freely on the pins reducing your breaking efforts

  • I whipped the pins out a couple weeks ago, cleaned then, and gave them a light greasing, they're actually pretty mint. Didn't go into too much else.

  • I know my rear brake grips worse after i've douched it in engine oil TWICE.

  • You'll be surprised how shitty they're from the road much and salt. I do mine street triples every month during winter and they're always filthy especially if it's been wet.

  • EBC double H pads work well with braided line

  • Ebc pads are renowned for wearing discs and are bloody noisy.. clean ya brakes.. braided lines.. standard pads.. jobs a good'un

  • I haven't managed to do that yet. How did you end up getting oil on the back brake?

  • Torn sidecover gasket. Which was just above the oil level so I didn't notice until I was 10 miles in, and my drain plug rattled out on the way to work.