• Has anyone got a left hand foot rest. Needed ASAP

    Has anyone got a left hand foot rest? Needed ASAP

    • This happened 2 mine

      So welded it bck up lol

    • You need a set of out TYGA steps Jack Dempsey Osborne ☺☺☺☺☺

    • Yes I do! I also need the new tyga system lol!

      Do I loose the rear pegs though?

    • Yes with the tyga ones single person ones

    • you got a link to them Gavin? (tyga steps)

    • the little slot in red on the silver ones comes in red black silver gold or blue

    • Gavin do the pegs screw in, like can they be replaced if the bike goes down?

    • Yes they screw in and yes can be replaced if dropped etc

    • how much Gavin?

    • 299.00 retail but 10% off for you guys so 270.00 with delivery

    • Jack don't get em