Has anyone got any front discs for sale And is it left and right from sat on...


Has anyone got any front discs for sale? And is it left and right from sat on the bike or stood in front of the bike. Cheers

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  • Happy Days mate, yep let me know tonight, i need to get all the firestorm stuff out the way now. Speak to you tonight Cheers Martin.

  • Used if pos rob its the left one from say on the bike I think it must be slightly bent as I've got a shake when I brake also if I spin the wheel it grips the brake pad in a certain place.

  • Plenty of used available on ebay, or at some brokers, only need to check the thickness of the disc

  • cbr400 discs fit also, and are cheaper.

  • It's sat on the bike. So your clutch lever would be on the left.

  • I thort the disc would fail mot but passed no probs but when I had tyre fitted noticed that the pads have worn a groove in the caliper stopin the pad from closing fully. The guy sead just file the groove down so it's flat again. So I think new discs and calipers to be safe. Cheers guys for ur help on discs.

  • What thickness should I be looking at for the discs?. Or what is acceptable.

  • Its marked on the disks, min thickness.

  • 3.5mm