Has anyone got one of these seats fitted. If so what are they like


Has anyone got one of these seats fitted. If so what are they like?

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  • Hard on the bum! Quite square too.

  • Thanks

  • Quality is ok btw, downside is also that water stays in those 'lines'

  • I like mine but i live in texas and garage my grom and dont ride in the rain... so my 'lines' have never had water that stayed in them. It is more 'square' than stock, id say its more flat and gives you more surface area for your bum. I didnt like the stock seat because i felt like i was sitting on a mountain the way it tapered up to the top of the seat so i found myself shifting back and forth to keep my ass from going numb in that one place. This seat sits a little lower than stock changing the riding position just a tad (knees bent a little more at the pegs). But all in all i was just trying to find a good quality seat that wouldnt make me go numb or tingly/itchy and this one did the job. I dont even think about the seat hurting on long 1hr+ rides. I wish there was a little more padding under the "leather" but theres enough to make it feel 100% better. It also goes back onto the bike wayy easier than the stubborn stock seat does.

  • I like mines. Kinda uncomfortable on long rides tho

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  • love your bike, that headlight is growing on me

  • It's brighter than hid

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  • Echt niet

  • David Smith

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