has anyone had this issue and if so how did you fix it


has anyone had this issue, and if so, how did you fix it?

i have an 85 shadow vt700.

here recently my tail lamp indicator light between my oil pressure light and low fuel light keeps coming on. I've checked all my fluid levels and everything seems ok. I've also checked all tail lamp connections and everything is ok.

any ideas on what it could be would be very helpful.

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  • Sounds like a short in the wiring.

  • I'll have to do that this weekend i guess. i'll let you know he it fixed it.

  • see if u can make it comeon try and see if certain turn or dip in road does it. sounds like a wire pinched to me aswell

  • it really comes on weird. I'll be cruising on the interstate at 70 and it will start fading on and off. sometimes it will illuminate fully and if i tap the front brake just slightly it goes off. My rear brake cable for the light isn't connected because I haven't found one yet (bought the bike a few months ago). I guess I'll have to pull it apart this weekend and see what i can find.

  • sounds like a loose connecrion or pinched wire check the wire going into the frontbreak lever

  • it was a loose connection under the riders seat. there was a y connection that had come loose. now that that is fixed, i think my clutch is about to go. i was riding with my wife just a little bit ago and when we got up to cruising speed i shifted to overdrive and the rpms dropped to almost 2500 and you could tell a noticeable sluggishness when cracking down on the throttle. anyone have ideas? i haven checked the final drive on it yet. could need fluid too. i just don't know how to check that and where at on the rear hub the fill hole and check hole are.

  • your rpms should drop a good bit in OD, sluggish throttle response could be a dirty jet, loose wire or even bad coils