Has anyone here tried the 400ex carb on their 350x I see them for sale on ebay...


Has anyone here tried the 400ex carb on their 350x? I see them for sale on ebay for like $128 (*brand new) which would be a cheap upgrade, if it actually increases performance in any way. Pros and cons to the swap appreciated, please! Oh, if it matters, I also have a Cobra exhaust to put on too.

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  • If anyone is looking for a Cobra headpipe, I may have an extra here. I bought a headpipe that I was going to use with a homemade slipon setup, but then found a full Cobra exhaust, so if both headpipes are the same I'll sell one.

  • I have one on my X my jet 152 I think that's stock jetting for the 400EX I feel the 350x can handle wayyy more and I all so have my 350x mottor in a 300EX its all so a hell of an bike lol I got the best of both worlds

  • Your going to have to play with the air flow and gas screw it's a bitch gets some friend to come over to help if not your leg will be killing you it's hard to tune a carb just right

  • hey randy, what condition is that head pipe in? i may take that off your hands. maybe post up a pic please..

  • I haven't even unboxed them yet, so won't know anything for a couple weeks, knowing my level of ambition of working out in the cold ;)

  • the upgrade is night and day on my X. i bought a 400ex carb off craigslist for $60 bolted it up with no adjustments and it started liek it was suppose to have it and it gave it a major low end and top speed boost. not many have been able to pull on my X unless theyre seriously modded up.

  • Austin Kresse

  • I'm 800ft above sea level, 160 main 45 pilot and needle dropped 1 clip.

  • xr 400 pipe should fit