Has anyone made anything to deal with the false neutral problems when shifting


Has anyone made anything to deal with the false neutral problems when shifting? Gear lever has a lot of play. Wondering if anyone sells anything to sort out the issue

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  • I'll have a look at the g craft thingy. Cheers

  • And any way t make it go into N when stationary, find myself kicking through all the gears and then back down into N and still not going in.. End up turning it off and then putting into neutral

  • Was thinking about the five speed box!!! wondering if that smoother then the standard one!!!! Ian not Tracey Sawford

  • Rose joints help a bit g craft shift guide also makes a big difference

  • You got a link t the g craft shifter? Can't find one

  • Thought it was you who had that link, I've seen it before.. Any idea for someone who got like 0 fabrication skills etc

  • Gogrom.com

  • ALOT Better !

  • Just saw this one. Gear pedal goes direct to the engine and without a linkage. Eliminates all sources of 'slop'. And zero fabrication required!

  • And brake pedals.

  • Ben Harman and why do most people go 143?

  • New rear sets will sort it out.

  • It is our most popular kit !!

    I would say the price is affordable and the power gain is awesome for such little cost

    Maybe speak with Karl Waldron he has had and fitted a few now :)

  • Oh wicked. Have you got a link for them? I'll try google them

    Quick aswell

  • Didn't think of that approach. You running different rear sets?

  • Best aground for revs and power it's a nice square engine and really reliable tested to destruction by myself and a few mates

  • Karl Waldron might have to have a chat some time!!!!

  • Will be very shortly.

  • Anytime

  • Yeah I was going to ask if just replacing the rear sets fixes the slop

  • Got a funny thought i think when talking to Mark Warren he rode Ducky's and wished he hadn't because he then wonted!!! lol

  • Yeh that sounds about right lol it's a good combo and the best bang for buck

  • Aaron Mortimer cant find them have you got link cheers Ian not Tracey

  • https://www.facebook.com/mini.mon.75/

    The guy doesn't put any prices up you have to Pm him

  • Soon... be still my throbbing cock...!!! Pmsl

  • Karl Waldron have you got the five speed and spinner removed,

  • Spinner removed and no 5 speed yet!

  • just wondered if these easy jobs!!!

  • 5 speed will take the longest and needs a complete strip of the cases..... 143 and oil spinner ain't bad to do

  • Copied in case anyone missed a comment on a comment.

    Just saw this one. Gear pedal goes direct to the engine and without a linkage. Eliminates all sources of 'slop'. And zero fabrication required!

  • Karl Waldron so perhaps the way forward is 143 and spinner, am up for your knowledge!

  • Waiting for price, have message if you get price can you let me know!!!

  • Post it up when he gets back to you

  • Do take the wife on back some times so that good to hear, all i need is to do is get hold of some money lol which she controls but should be fine!!

  • You'd benefit from a rear shock fork oil and brake lines to

  • Done brake lines and rear shock not fork oil but if helps need to do!!!

  • It dose help Mark will confirm that

  • Fork oil a must... no bottoming out... I fucking love my Grom...!!!

  • I fucking love mine more!!!! so this fork oil is a fat bastard oil!!!!

  • No... its for fat bastards...!!! Pmsl

  • Must get some !!!

  • Looks good

  • But sometimes it's nice sloppy...!!! Lol

  • Karl Waldron so 143 kit from Ben and filter dont understand what you mean, and then clutch cover from Gavin which comes with every thing, so just dont know what filter!!

  • Pm'd you a list

  • Karl Waldron nothing this end will request you!

  • Karl Waldron were my list, got to order before Charlie gets there and none left!!!

  • Ben for the following

    143 kit and a bigger air box intake...

    Gavin for a kitaco clutch cover

    And this http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/361408030159

  • I did message through messenger

  • Interested if not made from cheese

  • Had no reply yet someone else wont to try,

  • most likely the usual cast alloy, CNC finished. Still going to work better than the standard parts which have slop on the pedal and both ends of the linkage. I wouldn't actually want it to be too strong, it should snap if you crash rather than bend the selector shaft.

  • Karl Waldron only one thing why not takegawa filter,

  • Who has these so I can try contact them

  • Moto x as in the link!! tried but no reply!!

  • Just messaged them. Will let yous know if I get a reply

  • I've try'd both and have the DNA set up with a velocity stack any is an improvement but I choose the DNA set up.... Gave ducky my takegawa one

  • Spoke to them today. All they told me was that they are not in stock. Did not give me a price even dow I asked.

  • Yeh, good stuff but not so great service was my experience. Well except the junk he sold me which was just junk.