• has anyone on here done anything performance wise to a rebel 250 I need new...

    has anyone on here,done anything performance wise to a rebel 250. I need new sprockets and chain anyways, so I'm gonna change to a 15/30 sprocket set. and probably big bore it. and build extended forward controls

    • You might consider buying a larger CC motorcycle.

    • I am in the process of buying a sportster, but there is no reason I can't tinker with this bike. I bought it for 700, so why not play around with it a little bit

    • Just trying to spare you the disappointment. Even a gain of 25%, is only 4 hp. You won't be able to achieve that. If I spent any money on these lil tigers, it would be the factory dual carburetor set up.

    • that'll be after the big bore kit, and porting work

    • $$$$$$$$$$$$

    • I'm not looking for a horsepower gain, but an rpm range shift, the performance stuff added to it is just to take up the slack on the low end for gears I wanna put in it

    • it's a Honda 250 man... Be sure to keep us up to date.

    • big bore kit is 150, port work is free, gears are 20 a piece. if I can track down the dual carb intake manifold and carbs I wouldn't think they will cost much.

    • I will, it'll be a fun little project

    • I recommend upping the rear tyre to a 16" by replacing the rim and spokes with ones from a CB250 Nighthawk. Same hub.