Has anyone on here painted their fairings before I just ordered non painted...


Has anyone on here painted their fairings before? I just ordered non-painted fairings off eBay and wanted to paint them.

What kind of spray paint did you use if so?

Did you spray a gloss coat after too?

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  • Give them a light sand with 600grit to prep surface, then spray with etching primer is a good start. After that prime with plastic based primer(more flex). Rest is upto you.

    So so many choices out there. But 100% recommend putting a few clear coats over to finish off.

    One makes it gleam. Plus also Will protect paint from scratches and weather

  • Let me know how they look when you get them . im thinking of getting some so i can wrap them

  • They look just like a dull white. Wouldn't be terrible on a bike, just like a plastidip

  • No big scratches or gouges in them

  • No? They were new eBay fairings

  • Ok i heard theyre pretty much ones that were messed up and had deep scratches in them .

  • I bought an eBay set, they're not the best finish as standard but they're workable

  • Before

  • Nice i gotta find a set for my 954 now. I just paid 200 for an all black set for my f4i

  • I painted my oem fairings, but I used real paint... sanded down lightly, primed, painted, metallic flake added, clear coated. A lot of wet sanding between paint and clear coats, finished off with polishing compound. The final product is far more durable and better than piss-cans will produce.

  • Thought I would share my old 600f2 before and after

  • Before and after, still need to paint the tank =] Been putting it off for more than a year