Has anyone tried Ride On Tire Balancer Sealant I have a couple of friends who...


Has anyone tried Ride-On Tire Balancer & Sealant? I have a couple of friends who started using it last year and swear its the nuts, but the online reviews are mixed (as always.) It sounds great and if it works as well as they claim, it really would be the best.

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  • I just got it in my tire now. They claim it'll make the tire last longer. I've never used before so I'll have to wait and see I guess. I'd be curious if anyone else has had good experience and with what tire...

  • Another newbie here, I used RO when I installed my MT66's based on feedback from the Aero forum. The shop wasn't big on it, said it was a fad like dyna beads but I have a smooth ride and fortunately haven't tested the sealant so no complaints

  • So did you guys take the weights off your wheels or just install the RO in your tire as is? I guess that if it works as promised, it wouldn't really matter either way??

  • The shop took my lead weights off when they put in the RO.

  • Same here, weights not needed and wheels look better without.

  • pull the weightgs of and go for it.......its great....