Has anyone used the kitaco or takegawa rear shock whats it like dont really...


Has anyone used the kitaco or takegawa rear shock.. whats it like.. dont really wanna pay extortionate prices

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  • yeah I tighten it up when I take a pillion much better than stock so the rear doesn't sag with the extra weight plus gets rid of the pogo stick effect of the stock one also you can make it very soft and make it feel like its riding on air

  • Think ill be getting that then cheers

  • go direct through Ben Harman you will get a good price :)

  • Takagawa is the one of the best budget shocks out.

  • Yep got Takegawa Shocks in stock £100 + Post :)

    Can offer 10% off tho

  • What adjustment has the gazi got?

  • 255mm

    Fully adjustable:


    -spring preload


    -height (+5mm)

    with 2 knobs to adjust dampening

  • Is that a schrader valve sticking out?

  • gazi hyper x works out 63.43 £, is spring preload only.

  • different colors available on my website.