Has anyone used the wezmoto braided lines


Has anyone used the wezmoto braided lines?

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  • Nice just ordered them, I'll be asking more questions when they arrive. Cheers Tudor

  • Chris anything you need to specify when ordering them or just order the msx 1's? Not on PC so can't check eBay (iPhone don't have the app, am out so no wifi and run out of 3G

  • Naa just made sure they were the msx ones, didn't have a choice of colour either but I wanted the silver ones anyways.

  • Oh so I read the email of confirmation and they need me to send a email regarding colour. Went for White ones.

  • These are waiting for me when I visit UK in a few weeks.

  • Look good, how much of a "job" is it going to be to fit them..?

  • Fitting them won't be any work at all. Bleeding them shouldn't be too hard if you're clever. Pump the caliper full, fit the lines, push piston back and you should have enough fluid in the line to be able to bleed normally.

  • Oh ok then I'll have to do some research as I've never done breaks before..

  • Brake fluid works as a paint stripper. Be careful with it and consider removing the whole brake system from the bike to work on if you're not confident.