Hate not having no where local to ride anymore. everyone doing dual sport


Hate not having no where local to ride anymore .... everyone doing dual sport ..... dont wanna have to sell or trade just to ride

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  • I live in Berlin N.H. and they just opened up the roads to all a.t.v.'s. They just opened up an ATV state park. Jericho ATV PARK. Runs thru the North Woods. Over 100 miles of trails.

  • Exit 74 come ride

  • Cape may area

  • Like my Paige.schoharie county quad bike and trike club

  • Way to far man .... not gunna drive hrs every weekend to ride ....

  • We used to drive down to Millville, NJ a couple times a year and camp/ride for a weekend. All private property but the quarry company never cared until some jackass got hurt and sued them.

  • That's whats going on still .... land owners dont want the risk

  • And having a 1985 no title 3 wheeler is impossible to get in any parks around hear .... and if I het it taken I dont no if I can evwn get it back with oi t proof of ownership

  • Rob, look into it at DMV. In NY you can get paperwork for an older ATV by saying you lost it and filling out the right forms. You can also register it in PA (even though you live in NJ) without any proof of ownership.

  • Yeah ima have to look in to that ....

  • Lance, you're only about 2.5 hours from me. My R and my 4x4 are both register and insured, I'd love to head up and ride sometime. Going to go "like" your page.

  • Awesome let me know I'm always down to ride