have a look at this Finbro you not got it right yet engine has never overheated

have a look at this, Finbro you not got it right yet,engine has never overheated.so there's a problem with the way the sleeves are fitted,or maybe a 1 off

  • Well for what it's worth I'm approaching 2000 miles on my bbk 186 kit now with no issues. Almost all of those miles were hard. The bike prior was a stock bore turbo setup. So I've put the bottom end through the ringer and it keeps on kicking. I may be just that lucky but until I'm proven otherwise. I will stand by finbro

  • And now finbro Thailand sells not a 183 but a 186, so even bigger barrel in a stock casting.

  • I must be a lucky one had no issues with my 183 and it revs like a mofo unlike the 181 2v Taki. Its only done 2000 odd miles but going strong. In finbros defence a lot of people don't torque the heads down correctly just put them together and rag the granny out em, just my 2 pence worth.

  • Hi Tony J Coomber. its nice to hear that you have no problems,how about the starting on cold mornings?

  • Don't ride it in the winter to be honest but It's the same as the Taki kit running the 34mm Tb has no choke either if you want a reliable commute keep it stock

  • Tony J Coomber,go on hondnet site for groms, there is a wiring diagram for the Finbro cold start conversion, i have done this and it works,but you need to use stock T/B cost of wiring about £3, worth a look

  • Here are the new cylinder and steel gaskets for the 64mm 186cc 2v AND 4v customers receive when they purchase a kit. Now if someone has a problem with the older design, this would be your replacement.

  • Like it, plenty of gasket area around chain,

  • Ok thanks I did have a go my self running a 12v supply to the solenoid but didn't seem do much.

  • you have to fit a capacitor as well to the injection wire + 2 diods,i will try and send details

  • Finbro cold starting fix!

    Figured I would seperate this out from the long thread found here -> http://www.hondagrom.net/forum s/7-grom-talk/10270-finbro-ecu -cold-starting.html

  • then follow links to wiring diagram

  • Nice one might have a fiddle over the holidays

  • this worked fine for me,but you do this on your own back,its been used in the USA with no problems

  • I will be Honest I'm having issues at the moment with my finbro 183 cc but these guys are trying to sort things out with New things to improve it so I will stand by Finbro to see how things pan out

  • Looks strong as hell

  • Mike Carr

  • It's not a stock casting cylinder anymore, like the 183cc

  • Nearly on 4000 miles, 3000 of them with the finbro 183 kit on, apart from the cold start issues ive had no trouble, its decent kit, i wouldn't be put off now it looks like they've sorted the main issues