have a question i have a 2001 750 ace shadow it already has a stage one kit...


have a question. i have a 2001 750 ace shadow. it already has a stage one kit in it (106 main in front and 110 in rear) i put in yesterday and it still has popping and backfiring through the exhaust. believe its only the front cylinder doing it. do i need a stage 2 kit in with one size bigger jets (110 in front and 112 in rear) and idle jet (#42). it has a stock air filter and breather box no engine mods and straight pipe exhaust exhaust. was told i needed a stage 1 kit but didn't fix the problem. just lost at this point and funds running very low and can't just keep buying jet kits to find the right one. thanks for any and all help.

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  • What kind of pipes do you have

  • They look just like these. Same size and length.

  • Here is my bike.

  • Might need some back presher if you don't like the baffles you can put lollipop in they don't change the sound too much from straight pipe

  • If doing it when backing off throttle ,could be idle mixture needs adjusting ,check out motorcycle MD Cody has a vid

  • Is that on you tube or just the internet

  • He has face book site and tube etc

  • That's on Codys you tube,

  • +1. Adjust the a/f mix.

  • Just for shits and giggles try blocking off half of the air intake port behind The air box cover I did it on my 98 and no more backfire.runs perfect

  • Right now I have the front out 2 turns and the back 2 1/2 per the synopsis jet instructions. So add 1 turn out on each.

  • All the info is helpful and I will try each one today. Hopefully one will work. Also gonna try using a spacer on the needles as motorcycle md said. Just hate pulling the carbs off again and again.

  • i called dyno jet and they said that the pipes i have will always have the popping on decell will always be there. i don't believe they know what their talking about at least the person i talked to.