• Have a question. Was thinking of putting on a goki starter on my 85 350x

    Have a question. Was thinking of putting on a goki starter on my 85 350x. After my knee surgery I am having difficulty starting it. Just don't have the strength in right leg anymore. Do they hold up well?

    • Yep

    • I was in a bad car accident and lost motor skills in my right side. I stand on the right rear tire with my right foot and kick it w/my left. Starts first kick every time and have never slipped or had it kick back and taken it to the shin. I've owned 4 350X's and it worked flawlessly on everyone of em!

    • Thanks William appreciate the advice.

    • Cool!! Glad ta hear you still got on em.. them 350× are some wheelie riding bad ass machines .. i like the 250r tho.. 3wheelers

    • Give it a try, you may feel silly but you won't be the guy kicking your bike over 20 times and busting your shin just to keep riding. And it'll be cheaper than a starter, battery and adding weight to your X! Good luck

    • I have had quads for years but parked them after I got my X and thats all I ride.

    • Thanks William.

    • Had Goki starter on my x with 12:1 compression worked great for years, Sold it to Andrew Brown and he is still using it today. I think it was a great upgrade for the x, sure beats trying to kick it it on a steep hill or creek bank after you kill it!

    • That's good to know!

    • The goki is a great addition. Costs a little bit...but you really don't feel the weight.