Have any of you guys done that mod on the original exhaust were you drill out...

Have any of you guys done that mod on the original exhaust were you drill out the part at the end ? and do i have to ajust the carbs or is it okay with the original setting ?

  • hehe.. i would use a lot of money on it if i had it, but im a apprentice so the money is a bit low, so it is a bit DIY ;)

  • I bought drag pipes used of eBay for $150

  • cool.. i wouldent mind having drag pipes.. but i just used 4300$ on the bike plus 100$ on oil filter ect.

  • I feel ya bro

  • My Shadow has a set of Jardine pipes on it and its loud as F. (And I know this is a Shadow page but.....) I drilled and pulled the rear baffles on my V Star's stock exhaust and it now has a nice low bark when I open it up. No need to rejet as there is still a baffle left for back pressure. Google Phelps exhaust mod. Cost me nothing but time too do. Hope that helps.

  • I cut off the muffler completely for the low cost of 5 bucks for grinder wheels yes i had to rejet i made my own jet kit like they did in the 70s before jet kits came along but it makes a huge difference bike runs alot better with zero restrictions

  • It all depends on your bike I drilled out my baffles sounds a lot better than it did actually runs better than it did but still isn't loud enough never had to rejett it either

  • Keep it intact.... if you get aftermarket pipes.... you may need originals to pass the mot

  • My state doesn't have emissions testing for motorcycles

  • Cool... I done it to mine... it sounded shit.... so just ended up buying vance and hines slash cuts