Have I seen a post in the past with someone fitting the K N R1100 If so what...

Have I seen a post in the past with someone fitting the K&N R1100. If so what way have you fitted it. Just can't get it nice. Pictures would be good. Cheers

  • I've fitted it with out a cold air pipe like some others have done I'll have to grab a snap later as I'm working unless some else has done the same

  • I just rotated my throttle body around 180 degrees to the otherside and was able to mount the filter directly to the throttle body with no clearance issues

  • I tried turning it round but couldn't see how things would fit

  • Soon as I get home from work I'll take some pics

  • Cheers

  • Without popping the plastic

  • Cheers kidda sorted. Didn't think to take the loom off that clip on the frame. Was just the wires I was struggling with but sorted now

  • Yes take the loom out of that one clip and it'll work perfect... Helps to undo the plugs on the TB also then reattach after rotating! It saves the extra money on having to use that tube

  • Have you just left your air sensor just hanging or fix it to the filter?

  • I used a tye-wrap and secured just about it... It's closer then it looks

  • I was going to attach it to the filter itself but went ahead and just did the way my buddy did