Have know idea why it s sputtering like crazy worse while riding It s got to...

Have know idea why it's sputtering like crazy, worse while riding. It's got to be a carb problem bit I've already cleaned the thing out twice. Any ideas?

  • 112 is too small. Stock 150's run excellent with a 115. Sinse yours is greater than, I would try a 120 atleast.

  • Had 115 in, since I couldn't figure out what was wrong I recently switched to the 112 but it's still running the same.

  • I run a 106 stock on my 161qmk which is 169cc. She runs perfectly, I may eventually up it to a 108 since they normally lean them out at factory but my 106 cause no surging or throttle bog. I can get the bike up to an indicated, 65mph on flats. At least that's what the China digital speedo says

  • That 112 is probably still too big, I see you have the filter upgrade so if that's all you have on top of the 170cc kit a 108 is probably going to work the best for you in my opinion

  • Alright I'll try that, don't understand why it ran great last summer with the 115 though. The upgrades done are exhaust, carb, and air filter which is next on my list to change to an uni pod filter.

  • That air filter is going to get covered..

  • Try 110 if you haven't. Basically the rule of thumb is for ever mod you upjet 2 sizes, so if it was stock 106 like mine, with the filter and exhaust I'd use a 110. The carb isn't going to matter much that you changed it, it may be harder or take longer to tune perfectly but I'd still only go up 4 sizes total from whatever was stock in the bike. That should be perfect with just the filter and exhaust mods

  • If you had a different carb on there last summer with the 115 in it that could be causing the issue, when I cleaned my stock carb recently it was surging really bad at idle and would only run at full throttle, come to find out that when I replaced the main jet I pulled the whole jet including the base and switched it, which what was causing my issues, the stock jet base had larger holes in it then the one I replaced it with, so it wasnt getting enough gas, so I changed the base back to the stock on and only replaced the actual jet on top of the base, solved all of my problems instantly.

  • Definitely let me know if you figure it out! I'm happy to try to help how I can.

  • Thanks bro, working at the moment plus it's snowing again so won't be working on chuck for a little while.

  • Rain, snow, sleet, sun, wind storms. It doesn't matter if I gotta be somewhere I'm riding my bike

  • My scooters do that every once in awhile..put a shot of seafoam in your tank and see if it helps

  • Also push your choke In