Have learnt an interesting lesson today Spent couple of hours with a mates...


Have learnt an interesting lesson today. Spent couple of hours with a mates VL800 tracing an issue in the headlight circuit.

Using my multimeter (only) to track where power was and wasn't getting to, led me up the garden path.

In many places it the meter read 12v, where I later found out there wasn't any real power. I found this out by using an old 12v car lamp, hooked up to probes.

Not a faulty multimeter, I suspect the readings were due to extremely minute amounts of leakage between circuits. (The bikes headlight was unplugged, so didn't 'soak up' this extraneous voltage.)

Lesson learned. With electrical troubleshooting, don't put all your eggs in one basket - Try to confirm your findings using a different method.

Consider using a 12v test lamp, as well as or instead of your multimeter

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  • Got it all up and running though. Turned out to be a thin layer of carbon in HL pin of a 10 pin loom plug. Cut the Headlight wire out of that plug, and put in a much more hardy bullet connector inline instead. :)

  • Totally true mate as an electrician the old methods are sometimes best ! Good advice there !