Having a prob reinstalling my wifes head pipes no matter what i do the left...

Having a prob reinstalling my wifes head pipes no matter what i do the left side keeps ending up against the frame whats the trick ?

  • I took it all apart and tried just the left side by itself still touching after i tighten it down

  • Can't slip the bcb muffler on

  • Loosen the bolt on the crossover. That should give you a little room to wiggle it around.

  • Tried that its all apart

  • I wonder it i bent it alittle during disassembly gonna lay both pipes side by side

  • Is the header tight up aginst the block? Mine was a pain to get straight too. But after a while it all went in to place. I had to wiggle it around a bit to get both sides on right.

  • Ya idk 2 nights of taking it off and on no matter what i do or how tighten it the left pipe ends up against the frame

  • ... Maybe that's the one for right side, lol... Sorry I just replaced. Mine with a Mac 2-2 one spider. So never saw if one can actually accidently switch them

  • Lol u cant reverse them

  • Well had a buddy come over today went through double checked everything amd reassembled same prob left pipe hitting frame still but we came up with a solution basically made a shim out of exhaust wrap and hid it under the foot peg to push the pipe down to where it needed to be problem solved for now the bend in my factory pipe probably wasnt spot on from the factory and the weight of the stock mufflers and the way they mount would have easily flexed it down where it needed to be off the frame