Hay guys the times coming up to replace tyres again what do you guys like for...

Hay guys the times coming up to replace tyres again.. what do you guys like for grip and longevity ( sorry for any bad spelling lol)

  • BTW Scott Cooke......... Are you going on the track day on the 28th April after all?

  • Hay john and well everyone, unfortunately I probably won't be able to come as my bike needs some serious tinkering with.

  • Bummer mate, sorry to hear!

  • Yea rooky mistake unfortunately so had to go back to standard jets and start again lol

  • Oh bugger! Henry Rea has a set of stage1 (I think) jets going cheap!

  • Jets n needles have gone, but post what you have meddled with and what you tried using and I'm sure we can help with a baseline. Or pm me, did you ever meddle with the carbs on your cbr f3? These will be easy in comparison!!!

  • Hay henry basically changed the pilot and main jets never had time to properly dial it in. So got #48 pilots and 175 front and 178 rear.

  • Did you have the mains set at 175 and 178 before hand too

  • I like the Pilot Power 2s. Bought the bike with 10 year old PP2's on and rode the bike 6000 miles before I put new ones on. I don't wheelie or burnout. I just ride. Sometimes 40 and sometimes 90. Average speed is probably 75.

  • I have Metzeler M5 and even if I'm a dumbass, I'm still alive. ;-)