Hear s a question for you gurus I have the Pheonix engine all installed in...


Hear's a question for you gurus. I have the Pheonix engine all installed in Brad Crum's V45 and everything hooked up exactly as it was. This engine has newly rebuilt carbs. I tried to light it up today but it only backfires thru the carbs and exhaust. The only thing I did not check are the pickups in the main case. I even tried a spare pair of CDI boxes with the same result. I talked to Mark and he assured me the engine ran perfect before the guy burn't it up. My one question is what are the chances the pickups may have be damaged electrically when the guy used jumper cables on it and most of the wiring on the bike was destroyed? All the wiring on Maggie is fine and she ran ok.

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  • If you take the bolt off the starter clutch you should see both dots.

  • Is the starter clutch slined to the crank or keyed. I don't have time to go further with it tonight. My Magna friend Mark is going to check and see if he has a spare set of generators that he knows are good that I can put in. I've worked with proximity sensors and Hall effect sensors for years in industry, long enough to know that even if they OHM out ok they may not be ok. The saga continues.

  • The stator side of the crank has a woodruff key, the starter clutch side doesn't. I would make sure it is lined up right before I went any further. If it is off nothing you do will fix it besides lining it up right

  • That's what I'm thinking and why I asked, something like a lean backfire (engine kickback) could have knocked something out of whack or worse. Thanks for the advice on this everyone.

  • Ok guys here's what I found! When I pulled the bolt out of the end of the crank, I found the punch marks to be exactly 180* opposite of each other! I don't see any evidence that would suggest this has ever been apart but maybe it has been. If this has been like this all along it sure could not have run very good. Being splined it couldn't have slipped to this location. I called Southern Tier Honda (my closest dealer) about a new gasket and the soonest he can have one is next Wednsday. The dealer doesn't recommend it, but has anybody had good luck sealing this cover with the Ultra Black silicone gasket goop?

  • Ok guys we're good! I put the side cover back on with ultra Black (for now) and she fired right up and really sounds good. I also rebuilt the clutch slave cylinder. Once I get the air out of everything, I'll get it completely back together and take a ride. I called Brad Crum and reved it a couple times and he's 65 miles away having a kitten!

  • Cool!!!!!

  • Hehe told ya.

  • Well, if the guy put the clutch in correctly, then it wouldn't have had that problem!!!!!

  • Always check the easy things first

  • I reset air gap on the pulse generators .018" before I put things back together. Sounds good. I'm going to finish it up tonight and take her out tomorrow for a ride, Brad Crum is planning on coming after her on Tuesday.