Heated grips are now wired in All I ve got to do is work out how to put it...


Heated grips are now wired in. All I've got to do is work out how to put it back together lol.

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  • This is the right side where I ran the wiring through to the battery box.

  • Brave!

  • Hi Jeanette are they the Honda heated grips? Let me know if you found it easy to fit yourself.

    Take care out there,

  • Hi Andrew. I considered the Honda grips and even bought the wiring loom, but the grips were a bit too expensive. So if anyone wants to buy a loom.......? It was a toss up between the Oxford Sports, R&G but I went with the Datatool Therma Grips off eBay for £54.95

    They are a chunkier grip but have a built in controller switch like the Honda ones do. Fitting the grips themselves is easy. It's trying to get the cable through to the battery which is the hard part. Its best if you remove the front lower cover, the right side front lower panel and the right side footstep panel. Takes a few hours but worth it if you can do it yourself.

    If you are interested in the Honda grips I can send you a link to the fitting instructions.

  • That's an interesting photograph Jeanette of bits that we don't normally get to see. Great work as well.

  • I'll take more of it apart when I've got more time and the weather's improved.

  • The genuine Honda Heated grips take 8 minutes to get to full heat and boy they are hot, but as my journey takes only 4 minutes a waste of money. The main advantage of them is the grips stay the same size and the control is really neat, and of course being genuine Honda make a bike more saleable. Just looked at the Therma grips, i must admit they do look pretty good.

  • They're not too bad. A bit chunky. Heat up fully in around 5 mins and they do switch off if you forget...I've inadvertently tried it a few times without getting a flat battery.