I have got a Problem with my VTR. It doesnt't start..

First: my english is not the best, sorry for that!!

The starter is running and the relais clicks, but motor doesen't start. Had the same problem two weeks before.. I checked the plugs of all connections i found and after the third trying, it startet! Next day i took a long ride, and it started whitout any problems all over the day.

Two days later, i wanted to ride... First it started without problems. I had forgotten to turn rack up. It turned off (like regulary) by switching into first gear. After that i can not start my bike. I checked the plug of the rack, but it looks good. Same thing like two weeks before...

The starter is running and the relais clicks, but motor doesen't start.

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  • poor battery will stop it starting, VTR needs lots of voltage to start, also check the starter connection at the starter motor, as it is exposed at the front these can corrode and break internally.

  • Your battery.

  • Check lead on starter, pull the rubber boot back and see if there's any corrosion, quite common with Storms.

  • 99% sure it will be battery had same problem with mine it would turn over and over but wouldnt start put new battery on starts fine

  • Thank you all for the answers! I will Check the Batterie. My father has got a fireblade. I will put his batterie in my Storm.

  • I had the same problem. Changed the battery but still didn't start. It ended up being a cog in behind the starter clutch that turns the starter motor it wasn't moving freely.

  • Could be the starterclutch, if starter is turning and you only hear some "slipping" sharp noise.Partno: 28100-MBB-000 (no 1 in drawing)

  • Vacuum pipe to the rear of fuel tap?

  • lol not again : )

  • Have to Check that with my father. I have no idea how to do that