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We suggest you bring a finishing touch for the restoration of a motorcycle with attached hardware is often damaged by time or the many manipulations performed over the years.

We provide you with stainless steel hex screws kits for:

- Carburetors

- Engines

- Carters engines

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Sincerely, Team carb-motor-screw-kit.

  • They are easy to screw.

  • yea , but its not nice on a old bike engine i think ...

  • I have stainless Allens on mine from DCC and love em.

  • Do you have a close up picture of it Daren Murray ?

  • Not on my phone but found this. Have more to swap but you can see what they look like. They're amazing to work with. Love em. More than worth it.

  • I ended up using stainless button head Allen screws.

    Don't like standard Allen heads much

  • Here's a better shot.

  • My old Z9 had this done ( when I got it) with the Allen heads on the engine cases!

    Holes been drilled out so the bolt sits down flush...of course this can't be done in all situations

  • Need to inspect for "galling" if you use stainless steel fasteners on ally cases. They react to each other over time.

  • Yes, I keep hearing this, but never had any issues on any of the Z's during the course of ownership?

    Maybe I didn't keep 'em long enough ? :-)